Ranch Redux

3-4 Bedroom, 3000 sf, New Construction

UIC Homes is excited to announce a new contemporary plan that is mid-century-inspired. This is the first plan in UIC’s portfolio to bring their distinctive contemporary homes to a specifically more suburban or rural context. The plans for the residences will be approximately 3,000sf on .5acre to 1-acre lots.

Synthesizing the inspiration of mid-century homes with contemporary design sensibilities and the topography of a site, the two custom-model homes are a bold statement. Through understanding the integration of architecture with landscape, furniture with product design, and art with life in general, mid-century modern design aimed to create a complete solution for living. As holistic, practical, design-driven architecture aligned with both the past and future, these homes will appeal to families and couples focused on lifestyle-living with modern sensibility and a focus on energy efficiency.

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